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How Astrological transits can influence and impact you:

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Astrological transits are an external influence of planetary energy. You can feel it if a planet is sitting around one area of your chart during a transit. It will naturally make things happen for you.

My progressed Moon is currently on the part of the chart that dictates relating to others – the moonlight is highlighting this as if a lighthouse beam is circling brightness over the relationship zone. (NB: Progressions are not a transit, I shall do another piece on that to explain more, watch this space)

Although progressions magnify things on an internal level, for me particularly it is sparking a desire to manifest a partnership of all kinds and this feeling is strong and powerful.

I also have Saturn transiting through the area in my chart of the other, relationships, partnerships and contracts. Be it personal or professional, it is the part where one connects and forms bonds with another in order to create something.

Over the last few years’, I have had a ‘get-together’ there, Venus, Mercury, Mars and the moon joined Saturn, the lord of time, all at once, for over 6 weeks… that was a moment for me.

The emphasis and longing to be loved and being in a romantic partnership was a huge focus.

I wanted to find a solid relationship, be serious as well as find business partnerships and do well professionally. Who doesn’t, right? However, when you have such a strong set of planets making a transit at the same time – you begin to want to take action or question this area of your life – it can get obsessive too.

Luckily, I can read charts and know where planets are transiting all the time – so I can use that energy in a positive way and be more balanced. They say planets impel not compel – they encourage you to take action but do not constrain you.

Every year we have a planet that is our leading "hero / heroine" – it activates as soon as our birthday comes along – the big solar return!

It plays a huge part on how and where it transits over the year. It is also important to take note as to where it sits in your natal chart.

This year my leading man is Jupiter, full of gas and wind I am - and I know why!

All jokes aside, this planet is beneficial and known to deliver greatness. If however the natal placement is not happy - this planet can over promise and not always rise to the occasion. My Jups is in Scorpio, this is not a bad sign for it to sit in.

Jupiter is currently sitting in the area of the chart that is sensitive, Pisces, psychological, intuitive, emotional and deep in water. The house of transformation, regeneration, rebirth, death, financial gains through others. Traditionally Jupiter is the ruler of Pisces, so he is happy and at home BUT he is almost side by side with dear Neptune – these two have accelerated the sensitivity to everything. I feel everything and my intuition is very high.

I just know things and can tap into people, their emotions, feelings and my empathy has risen even stronger.

Liz Green, Astrology for Lovers explains that we often see in others the things we are. Sometimes someone will really irk you and it might be that they are a Virgo Rising and you have a Virgo Moon – they irk you because they are like you in so many ways. Like and like can repel sometimes.

My way of communicating with others is like an Aquarian, as my Mercury was there when I was born. I behave like an Aquarian when I speak to others and relate to them.

This can be similar to where planets are placed in your chart of love, romance – how you love and relate to others can be key to how you attract a romantic partner. Where your Sun and Moon are placed can also influence the connections you have with potential partners.

Mars and Venus are also key players in how one loves and takes action, in Synastry, which is the process of putting two charts together - you will be able to learn how compatible you are with someone. More on this another time...

Do you ever fall for the same type of guy / girl? Do you make the same patterns and don’t understand why? Tarot and Astrology can unfold signs, symbols and the cosmic cycles you may be going through. It can indicate the journey you are on, showing you patterns and behaviours that might need changing to evolve.

Would you like some clarity so that you can make the right decision next time you think this is it, wow this person is so connected to me…

Contact me and I will look at your chart to unpick what is behind your choices and decisions! To get insight and ways forward on how you approach your new connections.

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