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Mayuri Wellness

Mindful. Kindful. Grateful.

I teach Mindfulness, Meditation and Breathwork 

I am a Western Tropical Astrologer and Tarot Reader

About Me

Thanks for travelling to my website.

My background is in corporate events and conferencing. During my career, mindfulness and meditation helped me manage worries and dis-ease

My journey started at yoga classes, I began to notice what my mind was doing while in the various postures. I began hot yoga a few years later, another moving meditation — which led me to the path of meditating giving me life altering experiences. I started to attend mindfulness retreats and explored a variety of techniques, MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction), Vipassana meditation, MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy), Qi-gong, Yin yoga, Breathing, Gong baths - (these are my favourite). This enabled me to understand the processes of how the mind and body are connected. My transformation and change through grief and loss of many things in my life has brought me to this wonderful calm and knowledge to help others.

I had digestion problems, asthma, and an under-active thyroid, which made me put on weight. My body needed to follow a wellbeing routine to restore itself.

I learned to accept that life is impermanent and that we go through waves of up's and down's, it is how we respond that matters, we cannot control the situation and circumstances, but we can manage how we approach those experiences.

I empower, facilitate and encourage others with my knowledge and experiences to train and help all on their journey. I trained as a meditation teacher with the British School of Meditation, I am also an accredited Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Practitioner as well as a Breathwork Instructor. I teach secular methods for various clients.

I show people how to practice and live mindfully, helping them ground themselves and understand what stress can do to the mind and body through raising awareness and demonstrating the benefits. I’m passionate about helping individuals recognise the fight/flight state versus the rest/digest state as well as all the scientific and evidence based perspectives. I enjoy showing techniques to help individuals become more positive and calmer in stressful and uncertain times.

Astrology & Tarot

These are divination techniques that I use to help coach clients. 

Astrology Therapy: I trained to coach clients through chart interpretation.

Mindful. Kindful. Grateful. Are the three things we can live by.

What people say...

Anne Del Greco
"I really enjoyed the session with you and found it a very relaxing experience. I wanted to let you know that my resting pulse for the day was lower than it had been for two weeks and dropped by 3 compared with the previous day which is unusual for me. Thank you May, I'll join you again


Meditation & Breathwork

Learn the benefits

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is an internal and external practice, being mindful of ourselves and our surroundings. It allows us to appreciate things that we are grateful for. When we are mindful, we are aware of sensations within the mind and body as well as the external senses of taste, smell, and touch and the objects that surround us. Mindfulness is an opportunity to observe, giving us focus and concentration providing presence with ourselves and others.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a technique to allow us to go into the mind and achieve a stable state. It lets us control the thoughts that flow in and out - noticing them rising and passing and letting them go, creating space in our minds and observing presence.

Come and learn the difference between the two!

What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is consciously controlling the breath, we can alter our breathing to bring calm and relaxed states as well as activate our energy. Slow, deep breathing is one of the bodies strongest self-restorative tools it is known to calm down and aid the nervous system as well as all the other systems in the body.

Join in and learn the benefits.

Drop in mindfulness & breathing

Join my regular mindfulness, meditation and breathing classes – each session enables you to understand that you are the observer of your thoughts and how to detach and let them go. Learn how to stay present and take away practical tips too!

New to the practice? all levels welcome, see you in class.


Corporate packages

Mental health in the workplace is very important. The global pandemic has impacted the way we live our lives both professionally and personally. 

Wellbeing and a work-life balance is key and an essential part of how we live.

I have worked with several corporate clients and wellness teams.

I provide bespoke mindfulness, meditation and breathwork training packages for corporate organisations depending on their requirements.

Please get in touch with me to discuss further and I'd be happy to give you a quote once we have established what your company requires.

Book here

5 week course

What you will learn and experience:

To keep a positive mindset and a calm state of mind by reinforcing what mindfulness and meditation is - as well as what it is not - by presenting some of the many types of mindfulness techniques. I show how it benefits you physiologically, psychologically and spiritually (connecting to yourself). This helps you become aware and recognise anxiety or stress and then be able to stop and re-charge through various approaches.

One size does not fit all.

This course will be of benefit if you are a first timer or if you are already familiar with mindfulness and meditation and would like to get your practice going again.



Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy – I’m an accredited practitioner and coach.

I can coach you through obstacles you have on a cognitive level. I’ll challenge you to help you move forward in your journey using mindfulness-based cognitive therapy techniques to combat blockages on a holistic level. If you need help with living a mindful life or you need to understand mindful living this is a great way to make a start. I provide practical tips along the way.

To book an initial free 30-minute consultation complete the enquiry form below in the contact me section, alternatively book now:


Moon & Planetary Meditations

The lunar and planetary cycles bring in energies that influence our lives. Join in for some meditations dedicated to the Moon, Sun and planets as they rise and pass.

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Mayuri Astrology & Tarot

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